new blog coming

Hey everyone,

I'm thinking about starting a new blog. With a better name, better layout and
better posts. It needs some time. I hope it will be ready when I start my
100 days of summer.


Friday I'm going to Mallorca with my sister. The last time I went to Stockholm, I made the
most stupid mistake ever. I didn't took my camera with me! Still regretting it, but this time
It's going with me. I'm hoping for amazing weather, and I'll take so much photos!
I'll come back next friday. So that means I take 2 photos of my 52 weeks project there.

Enjoy your week!
(Oh, the layout is under construction. Just so you know.)

23 52

This week was a really quiet week with lots of sun. :) Today I went to a park with some friends and it felt like summer already! This shot is made in the afternoon. Hope you like it.

23 52


Counting sheep

It's such a pity I'm never taking so much photo's in our fields anymore... I used to
make a lot more! I saw my grandpa counting sheep and I thought, why not go with
him? Here some photos

Counting Sheep

Counting Sheep