Friday I'm going to Mallorca with my sister. The last time I went to Stockholm, I made the
most stupid mistake ever. I didn't took my camera with me! Still regretting it, but this time
It's going with me. I'm hoping for amazing weather, and I'll take so much photos!
I'll come back next friday. So that means I take 2 photos of my 52 weeks project there.

Enjoy your week!
(Oh, the layout is under construction. Just so you know.)


  1. Have fun! :) I can't wait to see your photos

  2. Veel plezier!
    Je layout ziet er al leuk uit,
    ik heb mijne ook net veranderd :)

  3. wauw waar is die bovenste zonnebril van? heel mooi is die!
    en veel plezier in mallorca (:

  4. I love your glasses
    Could you please tell me, where did you buy these?

  5. i soo love your sunglasses.
    i have the same question as @Cindy. where did you get them?