week 13

Week 13! It's going very fast. Also this week went so fast. So I'm not
complaining! Today my longboard arrived and I tried it for the first
time with a friend. I really liked it and I can't wait to practise more!
It rained today so we had to stop so soon..

Another thing. Lisalein and I are planning a meeting in the summer
of 2012. I know it's such a long time away, but we can't wait!
Here you can read a little bit more.

Here the photos. Can't choose yet.
Have a nice weekend! <3

And I have to end with a silly face


  1. i love her photos :)
    do you speak german too?

  2. Um, a little bit haha. I can understand some things but not fluently!

  3. Wow! Your photos gets it's 'live' day by day!
    Definitely heart it!

  4. Hoi! Wilde even zeggen dat je echt een super leuke blog hebt, heb echt al je posts bekeken (voor ik het wist was ik bij je aller eerste post). Je maakt echt leuke en vooral mooie foto's! :D. Ik ben je gaan volgen :)

  5. Thank you all! I really appreciate all your comments. <3

  6. De foto´s in kleur zijn echt prachtig!!