I'm thinking about learning Swedish. And this time I should not only dream about it but just
do it! I would love to learn the language and go to Stockholm for a year or something. I loved
the city, the shops, the streets, the people and last but not least the food! :D Maybe I'm a little
bit too excited but I really want this.

Now it's time for some inspiration things!

STOCKHOLM!Back at sunday.

They are all from Tumblr.


  1. oh, mijn zus heeft een jaar zweeds gestudeerd, echt een mooie taal vind ik. lijkt me ook mooi om een keer naar scandinavië te gaan!
    mooie foto's!

  2. Ik wil ook graag Zweeds leren,
    wij gaan altijd naar zweden op vakantie :)
    heb je ook pyttipanna gegeten?
    dat is echt heel erg lekker

  3. Oh wat leuk! Nee dat heb ik niet gegeten maar het ziet er wel lekker uit. En wow wat zijn ze goed in taartjes bakken enzo :D

  4. Wauw wat een leuk idee om te doen!!!
    Volgens mij is het best een moeilijk taal ofniet?

  5. The first not-your-picture is very beautiful! <3

  6. "I loved
    the city, the shops, the streets, the people and last but not least the food"

    It's funny, because I asked a friend of mine just the other day; "Do you think that people visit Sweden? Or I mean; Why does tourist even want to go here?".
    Really nice to read that someone actually do want to study swedish as well.

    Greetings from Sweden /cc

  7. those photos are wonderful !

  8. ehehe I'm like that too, I get excited and dream a ton, but then I get nothing done. :P So, go for it! :)

    I really like the pictures you posted. Unfortunately there's nothing linking me to the source which is bad 1st because the artist isn't being credited and 2nd because if someone, like me, wants to find the source theres really no way to do it. :\
    Maybe next time you can add a link under the picture or something (on tumblr there's always a source under the pic, on the dashboard). :)


  9. oh please come to Sweden!
    and I agree with you, Stockholm is a beautiful city! my blog is:
    I'm Swedish, and my blog is in Swedish too.. so you will probably not understand a word im writing. But i have a "Google translate " thing in the menu so you can translate the text into any language you want. remember that google translate is not perfect and the text will be a little wierd when you have translated it. but at least you will understand some of it.

    i love your pictures btw! :D