Versatile Award

Yay! I've got the Versatile Award. Thank you Lieselot. So now 7 random things about myself.
I can't do that when I háve to, but I'll try, haha.

1. I love shrimps
2. I love little details

3. I always change my mind
4. I love every season

5. I want to go to Sweden
6. I am a very nervous person
7. I always cut my hair, but I want it to be long

Sorry for the not so interesting facts. I'll post some inspiring blogs now. If they like it they can
post the award. It's up to them! :)

1 comment:

  1. YAY! Dat is echt super lief!! Ik voel me echt vereerd dat ik door jou wordt genomineerd! :D