So today was the second day on my new school. I can't really tell you if I like it or not, because
it all are first impressions. But those impressions are ok! :D We made a flyer and miniature
stage for tomorrow. We have to do karoake with our workgroup for the other 200 students..
great! It's on a real stage with a photo of our miniature stage on the background. I can't wait..

Now I'm just a little bored writing this, with a good cup of lemon tea and an apple/cinnamon
smelling candle. Feels like Autumn! I actually can't wait to wear layers of clothes and warm
scarfs. Although I don't really like the cold, I'm still looking forward to Autumn and Winter.
Beware, scary light is coming:

Picture0018.jpg picture by ByLaura

Picture0018.jpg picture by ByLaura

P.S. Maybe I should practise for tomorrow

I just wanna feeeel, reeeeeal love :'D

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  1. klinkt allemaal erg leuk ( :
    ik snap volledig wat je bedoelt!
    dikke sjaals, warme kledij, da's allemaal zo gezellig!